The Problem

Currently, the world is in a bid to reduce fossil fuel usage via environmentally friendly alternatives. The big three currently being solar, nuclear and wind energy However, fossil fuels still account for over 60% of power generation due to drawbacks associated with each medium of generation Solar is the most scalable but is highly inefficient in optimal conditions and becomes inactive at night time and on cloudy days wind is the cheapest but requires high wind speeds that aren’t sustained by any weather patterns to be optimal Nuclear produces the most power of any power source but is expensive and dangerous to work with

The solution

The compromise of a moderately expensive, scalable, albeit powerful alternative would be tidal power; under water currents span the entirety of planet earth, capable of producing large amounts of power due to the abundance and high energy density of water. Augere intends to exploit these underwater currents to help fill the gap left by retiring fossil fuels.

About Augere


Augere is Latin for the phrase "to improve," and that's what Augere came into being to improve the currently available green energy. We have solved the most glaring issues with current technology, such as reliability and efficiency, with a new proprietary generator utilizing deep water pressure. With a passionate team of physicists, computer scientists and math majors. We know our industry like the back of our hands.

Our Plan

What we are going to do isn't as important as how and why, here you can find a presentation and our business plan

Meet the team

Our team is made up currently of five talented founders, including
Blessing Tirivangani
Founder & CEO

Bsc. Physics(Hons)
Founder of Augere

Ryan Kwok
Materials Specialist

Bsc. Astrohysics
Nanotechnology researcher

Darryen Sands
Material specialist & Simulation

Bsc. Physics and industrial math
Nanotechnology researcher

Moriah Humphrey
Head of Marketing

Bsc. Physics(Hons)
Market specialist

Fredrick Tetteh
Accounting & Software

BSc (Hons) Accounting
BSc Software engineering


Contact Us

If you have any inquries please feel free to email us.